Fruits Edit

The general fruit of dinosystem, its the first food you will have available to you, giving you small amounts of kcal, proteins and water, fruits fill your stomach easily, and as such aren't the best food to eat, but its easily acquired, and will save your life at times.

Fruits spoil quickly, and as such are better eaten as soon as they are gathered.

Spoilage Edit

Fruits exist in 3 states: Good, Spoiled and Bad ( spoiled and bad have a brownish color, while good fruits are red and green ) eating spoiled or bad fruit will hurt your hp bar, bad is worst than spoiled.

How to find/acquire: Edit

Fruits are taken from trees, and can fall on their own, trees can become depleted, but will regain them as time goes on.

Meat Edit

Meat is one of the best foods around, but not the easiest to get, it will give large amounts of kcal and proteins, but low water (even lower if cooked).

Be very careful if you want to store them, meat attracts carnivores, and having an adult tyrannosaurus eat all your meat or even kill you is possible.

Meat is best cooked, as eating it raw will seriously damage your hp bar.

Spoilage Edit

Meat is the same as the fruit, with the only difference being that meat starts red and turns brownish as it decays.

How to find/acquire: Edit

Meat is taken from carcasses, the dead bodies of animals, and those attract carnivores, so its best to act quickly.


The easiest way to get meat is to rob it off of some animal's kill, but that is very dangerous.

The hard way is to actually hunt the dinosaurs, hunting young ones means you won't get any retaliation, but they are often protected by adults ( with the exception of the ankylosaurus ) and can run very fast. Adults on the other hand will fight back.

A strategy is to kite dinosaurs around rock deposits with a spear, whenever they hit the rock deposit they get slightly bounced back, which allows you for a hit or two, after some time, the animal will run away, but they normally do that at very low hp, thats when you must either chase, or with the wound you hopefully did on the animal, wait it out.

Cooking meat is simple: Place the raw meat next to the fire, but not inside it, so you can pick it back up again when its finished. You will know if its getting cooked if next to its name is a (cooking) symbol.

Eggs Edit

Eggs are good sources of nutrients and proteins, and are arguably the easiest to obtain. The catch is that they are only available during certain times of the year, and right now one of the two reasons you might want to put points onto zoology.

Spoilage Edit

Same as fruit, it turns into spoiled and then bad, eat it while its spoiled and bad, your hp bar goes down.

How to find/acquire: Edit

After reaching 100% pregnancy, dinos will look to lay their eggs in the cover of trees, they then have specific behaviors in regards to the eggs.

All eggs at 100% condition hatch in 10 days, the lower the % condition, the slower the eggs hatch.

Order of best eggs to try to find:

Ankylosaurus - The adults lay their eggs and then completely ignore them, they are free pickings, however, its good to note that young ankylosaurus are easy food sources as their adults don't defend them, its your choice if you want the profit now or later, also, ankylosauruses bury their eggs, which until taken makes them last longer against the elements.

Triceratops - The triceratops don't actively defend their eggs, but if any of them finds you with an egg of theirs, they WILL chase after you and attack you, the advantage you got is that if they are far enough away, getting to their eggs safely is not an issue.

Tyrannosaurus - Honestly, don't even bother trying, the female is actively guarding them and you cannot outrun a t-rex, only way of possibly getting an egg is while she is sleeping, or if she goes off to feed on a nearby carcass or goes for a drink, either way it is not worth the risk.

Fish Edit

Fish are a mediocre food, can be eaten raw for almost no HP damage, but doesn't give as much water, calories or proteins as cooked meat or eggs do.

Its recomended to only try fishing if you literally have nothing else to do, want to try for better food than fruits, or are feeling lucky.

How to find/acquire: Edit

Fish can be fished from anywhere in the ocean, and are unlimited, however fishing requires a spear, and tons of luck.