Stone Axe Edit

Basic Info
Type Harvesting Tool / Short-Range Meele Weapon
Required Materials 1 Stick, 1 Big Sharpstone
Required Crafting Level 0

A basic tool that is easy to make and use. It can be utilized either to cut down trees and butcher carcasses for meat, or as a simple medium-range melee weapon

Stone Spear Edit

Stone Spear
Basic Info
Type Long-Range Meele Weapon
Required Materials 1 Small Sharpstone & 2 Sticks
Required Crafting Level 10

A meele weapon with long range usefull for hunting dinosaurs, can also be thrown and recovered afterwards.

Benefits from both melee (basic attack) and ranged skills (thrown), ranged skill also increases accuracy.

Spears can be used for fishing, with a low chance to catch a fish, depending mostly on your fishing skill and a small part on the melee skill.

Simple Bow Edit

Simple Bow
Basic Info
Type Ranged Weapon
Required Materials 2 Tendons & 2 Sticks
Required Crafting Level 20

First ranged weapon available, requires arrows to fire, accuracy and damage are increased with the ranged skill.

Stone Arrows Edit

Stone Arrow
Basic Info
Type Ammo
Required Materials 1 Small Sharpstone, 1 Stick, 3 Leafs
Required Crafting Level 20

Ammo used for the simple bow, easy to craft.

You get three stone arrows per craft.

Simple Quiver Edit

Simple Quiver
Basic Info
Type Weapon Storage
Required Materials 1 Tendon & 1 Cleaned Pelt
Required Crafting Level 25

Allows the player to carry many more arrows at a time (10 max).

Pelt Cape Edit

Pelt Cape
Basic Info
Type Clothing / Protection from elements
Required Materials 3 Cleaned Pelts
Required Crafting Level 15

Keeps the player warm, decays faster inside water or during rain.

Bed Roll Edit

Basic Info
Type Protection from elements
Required Materials 5 Cleaned Pelts & 15 leaves
Required Crafting Level 30

Provides warmth and protection from wind and rain to allow better sleep.

Fire Pit Edit

Fire Pit
Basic Info
Type Survival
Required Materials 10 stones of any size
Required Crafting Level 0

Prevents fire from growing out of control, especially during the drier months.

If built with 10 Big Stones the size will be 100%

If built with 10 Small Stones the size will be 50%

Bandage Edit

Basic Info
Type Medicine
Required Materials 1 Cleaned Pelt, 2 Tree Resin

Heals blood loss, crafting and success chance for treatment is increased leveling up the new skill called first-aid.

How much blood loss it reduces is based on your first-aid skill, and the quality of the bandage. Keep in mind unless you have a large amount of points on the first-aid skill, the bandage will not fully heal your blood loss, worst case scenario, it either breaks or only heals 10%

Backpack Edit

Basic Info
Type Bag
Required Materials 4 Cleaned Pelts, 1 Tendon
Required Crafting Level Crafting level 35

Gives you the ability to carry more items on you, and delays their decay process.

Torch Edit

Basic Info
Type Lighting
Required Materials 1 Branch, 1 Bandage
Required Crafting Level 0

Gives light and fire when lit, ( beware: it will start fires ) lasts longer than using a branch. To light the torch up, hold it over a fire.

Leaf Cape Edit

Gives partial warmth and rain protection, but far less than a fur pelt.

Leaf Pelt
Basic Info
Type Clothing
Required Materials 10 Leaves
Required Crafting Level 10